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10 Reasons why Splotchy Balayage

Date: July 10, 2018
Educator: Jamie Sea / @prettylittleombre

We have all had that moment. The hair is processing and looks PERFECT, you rinse and dry and.. WHAT? Why! How did these splotches/ bleed marks happen?

1.) Avoid your product being too runny.

2.) ALWAYS having a smooth/taut surface.

3.) Look underneath your painted piece, is it just as blurred at the top?

4.) Apply in a LIGHT sweeping motion to avoid pushing product into the deeper strands underneath.

5.) Product should look consistent down the hair shaft.

6.) Use the 'body" of the brush not the tips of the bristles.

7.) Having too much product on your brush is a no-no.

8.) Product transfer between sections.

9.) Tension is EVERYTHING.

10.) The weight of your insulation ( foils ) could be pushing product through the strands= splotches.

To see all these tips in action, head to our online tutorials and check out our Balayage tutorials!

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