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5 Ways to a Better Balayage! Hint Hint - Foilyage!

October 12th, 2018

Foilyage is an amazing option for achieving that oh so blended painted look! One of the benefits is being able to achieve a brighter affect on hair than a traditional Balayage application (traditional clay lightener can give you 3-5 levels of lift but with a warm finish). If not done correctly, things can get real UNBLENDY!

1.) Try saturating smaller/thinner sections in a foil. This allows for even penetration!

2.) Points of brightness: The reason behind this is so you can create an organic blend and your transition lines don’t get “splotchy” or harsh!

3.) Try adding a little moisture: Adding a mist of water with a fine mist water bottle can allow for even porosity. The product can glide easier which can also create a beautiful blend!

4.) BLEND IT! There is a huge difference between creating a traditional foil and a foilyage application. Get REAL blendy! This means, try avoiding harsh product placement and blend that product for that sweet, sweet blend!

5.) DON’T GIVE UP! Find your groove, try different lighteners, different tools, and have fun! Every artist has started from the beginning, so keep on pushing forward, learning, growing, and mastering the shit out of your techniques!

For more tips and tricks of creating the perfect Foilyage check out our "Not Yo Mama's Foilyage" tutorial!


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