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Balayage lightener information That Could be Affecting Your Hair Painting

Date: June 15, 2018
Educator: Jamie Sea / @prettylittleombre


Hey guys! I wanted to share a totally tippin’ TIP with you all!

DID YOU KNOW? On most foiling lightener containers and balayage lightener containers is says, “DO NOT USE HEAT”

Here is the reason why: Most stylists do NOT clarify /demineralization their clients before hand and if your guest has mineral build up or metallics from box dye in their hair and you use heat when foiling.. BOOM chemical reaction. Swelling/puffing of foils, foiling smoking, dripping of product, hair snapping off, etc.

Some manufacturers instructions will say to clarify the hair before hand as well to ensure a clean canvas.

So do yourself a favor, take the extra time to ensure you have a yuck free canvas (clarify, or demineralization if they have hard water or metals) and go ahead and use that heat! .

I always say when I use heat, “low and slow is the way to go! Like a crockpot!” It’s unnecessary to blast your clients with heat and it can cause that cuticle to be pushed to the limit.

Check out our online tutorials for more Balayage and hair painting knowledge bombs!


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