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Balayage Pricing: How to Confidently Charge for Your Time

balayage pricing

As a stylist, you likely think of yourself as somewhat of an artist. But, whether you realize it or not, you’re also a businessperson! For independent stylists and salon owners in particular, it’s critical that you take charge of your business. Setting your prices is a key aspect of ensuring that you’re successful financially so that you can continue doing what you love.

Despite the effortless, lived-in look of balayage, performing the service is anything but effortless. In reality, balayage is an advanced service that requires expert skills and should be priced as such. Even still, finding the inner confidence to charge what you’re worth can be a challenge.

Below, we walk you through three key tips to help you price your balayage services with confidence in your worth.

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How to Confidently Price Balayage Services

1. Get to the root of your resistance.

There are so many reasons you might be feeling uncomfortable about raising your prices. You might feel that your work isn’t worth charging more, you fear your clients will react negatively or leave you, you’re worried about competition in your area, etc.

In order to break through these barriers, you first need to understand the root of your discomfort. Ask yourself why you’re currently undercharging for your services and why you’re hesitant to make a change. While your concerns are of course always valid, they more often than not come from a place of self doubt rather than concrete evidence. Confronting these beliefs head on is the first step to understanding what needs to change.

2. Know what your time is worth.

If you are an independent stylist, knowing what your time is worth is critical. Since coloring techniques are getting so complex, it’s best to charge for your time first, and then factor in your product.

For some stylists, it can be difficult to feel justified when it comes to raising your prices. However, it’s important to remember that you’ve invested so much of your time, energy, and resources into becoming the talented colorist that you are. Your skills are valuable, and your prices should reflect that.

3. Communicate with your clients.

Finally, during the process of raising your prices, you need to make sure that you’re clearly communicating with your clients.

It’s generally best practice to give your clients notice that your prices will be changing so they’re not surprised next time they leave your chair. In this conversation, you should also take the opportunity to communicate your value. Remember that you don’t need to justify your decision to anyone—rather, think of this as your chance to highlight your talent as a balayage artist.

Once you’ve had these conversations, it’s essential that you set firm boundaries and stick with your price list. It can be tempting to make exceptions for clients, but this is a bad habit that can hold you back in the long run.

Charging What You’re Worth

When it comes to pricing your balayage services, it’s important to not let your fear of numbers or or a lack of confidence stand in your way. Instead, you should know what your time is worth and feel comfortable communicating your value to your customers.

You’ve invested so much of your time, money, and energy into becoming the fantastic balayage artist that you are. Your prices should reflect the value you provide to your clients!

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