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Balayage Touch-Up Tips to Brighten and Add Dimension

Balayage touch up tips
Although balayage is often touted as a low-maintenance look, follow-up sessions are still necessary to keep your clients’ sun-kissed, natural style looking fresh. With this in mind, it’s also critically important to avoid over highlighting the hair and leaving the client looking too blonde.

The secret to a successful touch-up or maintenance appointment is to find the perfect balance between brightness and dimension. Here’s a closer look at what a balayage maintenance appointment should look like, and how to add brightness and dimension to balayage without going overboard.

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Maintenance Appointments for Balayage

As with any balayage service, a maintenance appointment should start with a thorough consultation. During this time, you should take care in analyzing how the hair currently looks, how it faded, and what goals the client is hoping to achieve.

From here, you’ll be able to devise a game plan to bring your client’s vision to live. You’ll have a better understanding of both where depth needs to be added and where brightness is needed. You’ll also have the opportunity to set realistic expectations for your client by discussing the steps needed for that session, budget expectations, application, and aftercare.

How to Add Brightness and Dimension to Balayage

When performing a balayage maintenance service with the goal of adding brightness and dimension, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

First, remember that dimension creates pops of color. Oftentimes clients will sit in your chair thinking that they want to go brighter, when in reality adding depth and dimension is the best approach to making their existing blonde pop. Dimension is created by adding lowlights on the head where depth naturally lives. As a result, the existing brightness is magnified without the risk of over-lightening the hair.

It’s also important to consider that your approach should be tailored to each individual client’s needs and goals. For example, refreshing a client’s balayage isn’t always about adding more lightness to the hair. Sometimes what’s best for the client is creating a more dimensional look or creating a tonal shift. On the other hand, bringing your hand-painted highlights closer to the root and refreshing areas that are naturally sun-kissed (such as the face framing money piece) will help maintain the lived-in lightness that clients love.

Finally, avoid making some common mistakes that will only make your service harder than it needs to be. Stylists that are new to balayage can easily fall into the trap of overcomplicating the process. Instead of following the same roadmap of application you used in your previous appointment, tailor your approach to only add brightness and depth where necessary. As with any highlighting technique, it’s also essential to avoid overlapping previously lightened hair with the wrong developer or risk overprocessing and damage to the hair.

Keeping Balayage Fresh

When it comes to keeping your clients’ balayage looking fresh and maintaining that sun-kissed, natural look that they love, it’s all about finding the right balance.

Without the proper preparation it can be easy to feel trapped in your comfort zone and rely on the same technique you always use. Instead, it’s important to hone your balayage skills and assess each situation with care so that you can tailor your maintenance appointments to each client’s specific needs. Armed with this expertise, you’ll be able to create a custom plan of action for every scenario you encounter in order to create a balanced result with just the right amount of brightness and dimension to keep your final look looking fresh.

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