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Glossing to Bronde: How to Perfect Bronde Balayage

Bronde Hair

Bronde balayage isn’t exactly new on the hair scene. But if you were to ask anyone in the hair business, they’d tell you that bronde is definitely having a bit of a moment. Not that we’re complaining—bronde is easy to love!

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If your clients are coming in asking for a bronde balayage and you’ve never done it before (or you haven’t done too many) there’s no need to panic. Below, we explain the look and why it’s so popular, and offer tips that you can use to ensure a happy customer experience. As an added bonus, we give you the formulation that Jamie uses to get one of her favorite bronde looks: Vanilla Mocha Bronde!

What is bronde balayage?

Bronde balayage is a specific style of balayage that falls in between blonde and brunette, or blonde and brown. The name literally says it all, by merging the two words into one! 

Bronde balayage introduces a multidimensional depth that simply can’t be achieved with traditional foils or highlights. The result is warm and rich due to the brunette, while also maintaining that sun-kissed and beachy blonde that everyone loves. Because this color of balayage incorporates multiples tones and hues, it can complement a variety of skin tones effectively.

Why do clients keep asking for bronde looks?

We’ll often have clients or guests request a bronde look when they feel that their hair is flat or when it lacks dimension. Glossing to bronde allows them to add in some of that warmth and richness that they want. 

For example, imagine a guest who has naturally brunette hair. She might feel that her hair is overall too light or too blonde, potentially due to past treatments or simply due to the hair’s natural tendencies. In a situation like this, you can break up some of that lightness by adding depth and then glossing the blonde tones down to a golden or beige color.

Another reason you’re probably getting a lot of requests for bronde treatments? Simply put: Bronde is pretty!

Tips for Nailing Your Bronde Technique

1. Conduct a hair consultation.

Ultimately, the steps that you’ll have to take to get your guest to bronde will depend on a number of factors. Two of the most important questions that you need to ask are: At what level is the hair starting, and at what level does the client want it to be? WIthout the answers to these questions, it’s impossible to know how you should proceed.

That’s why we recommend that every single treatment begins with a hair consultation, where you can ask your client all of the important questions and make sure that you are both aligned on the goals of the treatment. Skipping this step might mean that your client has unrealistic expectations for the service, which can end disastrously.

2. Use pictures to manage expectations.

This tip goes hand in hand with number one above. Incorporating photos and examples into your hair consultations can prove beneficial in a number of ways. 

First, it’s important to remember that going to bronde can be a big change for someone who has been really light for a long time. Looking at photos of others with the hair can help your guest picture themselves with that color, which means a.) if they realize they don’t like it, they can change their minds now, before the treatment begins, and b.) it takes away a bit of the shock that they might experience one the treatment is complete and they see themselves with their new hair.

3. Talk about maintenance.

Nobody like dropping time and money at the salon to get a stunning treatment, only to have the color fade out after a few weeks. The same holds true for bronde. 

Bronde hair tends to have more tone to the color, which provides more opportunities for the hair to lose its vibrancy. That’s why you need to be sure you educate your guest on the best ways that they can take care of the color to get the most life out of it. Educate them on the proper way of washing their hair, on how often they should be shampooing, and on any special products that they might be able to use to maintain the Bronde tone. 

The longer the color lasts, the happier your guest will be, and the more likely they are to keep coming back.

4. Always formulate warmer if their starting canvas lives in a level 9.

Here’s one rule that we live by when it comes to bronding: If a guest lives in a level 9, we always formulate a warmer tone for the treatment. This reduces the risk that the tone will be too flat or one dimensional, which would kind of do the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish.

5. Clarify the hair first.

By clarifying your guest’s hair before the treatment, you’re removing any dirt, oil, and other hair products that might already be on the hair. This gives you the cleanest possible base for your gloss. Without those other elements blocking the gloss, this means that the gloss can penetrate deeper, helping it last longer.

After clarifying the hair, towel dry the hair really well and then apply the bronde gloss. As with other glosses, let it sit and process on the hair for at least 10 minutes to ensure a deep penetration!

Bonus! How to Get One of Jamie Sea’s Favorite Bronde Looks

Jamie recently shared one of her favorite formulations for Vanilla Mocha Bronde with Modern Salon, and we wanted to share it with you, too! The result will be a balanced look with both warm and cool shades that flatters all kinds of skin tones and types.

  1. Prelighten with Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 20-volume developer
  2. Root melt with Redken Shades EQ 5N + SEQ Processing Solution
  3. Tone with Redken Shades EQ ½ oz 9V + ½ oz 9GI + SEQ Processing Solution

Have you been struggling with your confidence when it comes to formulation? Building confidence in this area is the key to becoming a better stylist, empowering you to deliver the results that your clients are looking for. Sign up for the Salt Lab course with Christine, where you'll learn the fundamentals of color theory and real, tactical skills that will allow you to formulate with the confidence that you need!

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