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Dark Roots: Converting Your Blonde Foiled Clients Darker

Let’s talk DARK ROOTS.

So, one of your blonde foiled clients comes in and wants a change. She shows you a picture of an overly filtered Pinterest babe with dark roots and blonde ends. Against your better judgement , you do it. Then.. she hates it and at her next appointment wants to be blonde again.

1.) Do the foil as you normally would.

2.) In the sink, section away the blonde money piece area.

3.) Lightly root shadow with a DEMI permanent about 2- 3 inches down.

4.) A demi perm will eventually soften up over time and when she realizes she hates having depth, you can with EASE, lighten her again!

5.) Make sure to keep as much face framing brightness as you can. Blondes are used to being blonde, if you take away the lightness framing their face.. they will most likely freak out.

6.) IMPORTANT* This is a script of a consultation I would use in the Salon.

“This photo is awesome! However, you are very used to being blonde. I am so excited to give you a fun and fresh change but to ensure you are ready for this big change, let’s try a softer version of this to see how feel with more integrated depth. I’ll keep a beautiful pop around your face and soften out the blonde so depth can show through. Let’s book in 6 weeks! At our next appointment we can see how you adjusted. At this point, we can either add more depth or go bright again!”

PRICE. Make sure to let your guest know the price increase of this additional service. However, if your guest loves this new shadowed root, it may cost her less for upkeep. (another great point to bring up in your consultation!)

Want to see how to create a foil and shadow root?


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