6 Foilyage Tips that will Change your Hair Painting GAME!

Date: June 5, 2018
Educator: Kristina Petrini / @coloredbykp


Need more lift than what balayage can give you? Foilyage is an amazing alternative! Most complaints with this technique is that you can get splochiness and hardlines if not executed correctly. Here are some tips to help get you a beautifully blended foilyage application!

  1. Foiling comb choice. When teasing the hair for a foilyage application, finer teeth on the foiling comb will create a more secure tease!
  2. The ease of your comb out is dependent on how much you tease the hair. The more you tease , the harder it will be to comb out in the sink.
  3. When applying lightener to the hair, make sure to add the bulk of the saturation to the midshaft first, saturate the ends, and then blur up.
  4. 3-4 back to back teased foils will create a “balayage ribbon” effect.
  5. Smooth and creamy lightener will ensure easy glide ability.
  6. The ultimate brush for foilyage? The MELT brush by @prettylittleombre! The bristles are long and super soft which allows for the most beautiful blend.

Want to know more about foilyage? Check out our “Make It Foiliyage” class!


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