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Get A Brighter Balayage: 3 Must Know Tips!

October 26th, 2018

Did you know that clay based lighteners can only give you 1-3 levels of brightness in an open air application?

On anyone level 6 and under leave us with... BLORANGE. That not so pretty harsh warm tone that most guests don't look pretty with.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1.) Insulation is your best friend. It can give you up to 3-5 levels a lift and strength to work through unwanted pigments depending on the canvas.

2.) If you need more than 3-5 levels of lift, consider some alternatives. Foilyage, or painting with a non-clay based lightener.

3.) Heat lamps are like, EVERYTHING. (SALT Hair uses lamps from minerva beauty). Keep them on low, and check every 10 minutes to see the progress. Max timing is around 45 minutes. When you are using heat, make sure to use insulation with your balayage or your clay based lightener will dry out and not have any power left!

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