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5 Tips To Create Blended Gray Coverage with Foilyage

Grey Coverage with Foilyage

In the battle against gray hair, so many stylists (and clients who color themselves at home) go too soon for the big guns, thinking that using a permanent color is the only way to cover up. But the truth is, there are many different ways to approach gray coverage that don’t need to involve such drastic measures. 

Case in point: Foilyage.

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Blending away grays using foilyage can be an excellent means of achieving gray coverage while also going for a low-maintenance finish. And while the technique can be leveraged for clients of any age, it can be especially effective for those who are just beginning to gray. Because most people start to gray around the front of the hairline first, blending with foilyage is a great way to camouflage that area.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use when leveraging foilyage for gray coverage.

Tips for Gray Coverage with Foilyage

1. Understand what the ideal client for gray coverage looks like. 

While using foilyage for gray coverage can be incredibly effective, it isn’t appropriate for all clients or in all cases. It’s important to perform a hair consultation before diving into the service so that you truly understand whether or not this treatment will achieve the results that your client is looking for. 

The ideal client for foilyage-as-gray-coverage is typically someone who:

  • Is 50% or less gray
  • Wants to blend away the gray but not cover it completely
  • Wants low-maintenance
  • Understands that the gray will not be completely covered, but that it will be blended in a way that makes it less necessary to come in for root touch ups

2. Choose the right tools.

We can talk all day about why using the right tools is so important, but we’ve done that before, so we won’t do it again here. In general, we recommend the following tools for this kind of service:

  • A fine-tooth foiling comb in order to properly tease
  • A wet brush in order to blend the color melt as necessary
  • A paint brush like the one found in the Painting Collection, which has soft and forgiving brushes which tend not to create harsh lines, making it easier to blend

3. Use the right product.

As with any service, it’s crucial that you work with the right product to ensure the results your client is looking for. In the case of gray coverage with foilyage, you want a color that will fade away gradually—not one that will need to grow out the way a permanent color would. That typically means using a traditional foil lightener and a demi-permanent color.

While in balayage you would likely use a clay-based lightener, you wouldn’t want to use that here because it dries out too quickly given the heat, which reduces its ability to lift. Go with a foiling lightener mixed to a creamy consistency for the best results. 

4. Color melt.

Color melting will get you the best results for gray coverage with foilyage. Color melting blends the gray into the lightened sections, and gives the illusion of a translucent root color. In this instance, we’d recommend melting with a demi-permanent color on damp hair at least two levels darker than the natural level.

Grey Coverage with Foilyage Sectioning

Grey Coverage with Foilyage Application

5. Gloss. 

Glossing adds back some of that shine and luster that your client’s hair might lose over the course of their treatment.

Grey Coverage with Foilyage Glossing

While a simple step, it can really add a lot of value to your treatments and empower you to charge more for your services. After finishing the color melt, gloss the ends and blend everything together using a wet brush for the best results possible. 

Do you want to learn how to use foilyage to blend away grays for the perfect gray coverage? The Gray Blending with Foilyage tutorial will show you everything you need to know about tools, product, sectioning, and traditional foiling to achieve this look!

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