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What is the Halo Drop Balayage Technique?

SALT Society Halo Drop Balayage

As a stylist, do you know why your clients come to you requesting balayage as opposed to other treatments like foil highlights which used to be so popular? 

Take a minute and try to put into words the reasons that you’ve heard from your guests, or the reasons that you assume. This might seem like a silly exercise, but understanding the “why” behind balayage is so important if you’re going to successfully deliver to your clients each and every time. 

While every client’s reasoning for wanting balayage will of course differ somewhat, generally speaking it boils down to one big reason: Balayage simply imparts a more subtle and more natural look than can be achieved through most other highlighting techniques. And the key to that subtlety? Preserving some of the variations in color and depth that hair naturally exhibits.

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That’s why we created the Halo Drop Balayage Technique—to specifically preserve as much natural depth as possible. Below, we explore the technique and offer some advice that you can use to preserve as much depth in your clients’ hair.

What is the Halo Drop Balayage Technique? 

The Halo Drop Balayage Technique is a technique that we developed specifically for our Salt Society Travel Ambassadors. It is a form of advanced balayage placement and sectioning which preserves depth in the root area and in the interior of the hair. The result is hair with a natural, sun-kissed look and vibe. 

The Halo Drop technique is particularly well-suited for clients and guests who want a low-maintenance, lived-in look, and can be paired with virtually any hair type.

How to Preserve Depth During Balayage

The Halo Drop technique is an advanced technique that we teach which will help you preserve depth for your clients. Below are some tips extracted from the technique that you can use to preserve more depth when you’re performing a balayage service for your clients.

1. Know your client’s goal.

In order to deliver the results that your client wants, you need to first understand what it is that they want. They come to you requesting balayage, but that term can mean so many different things depending on who is using it. You need to get specific in asking your clients what they hope to achieve from an appointment with you. 

It is for this very reason that we always recommend stylists start by conducting a hair consultation with their guests before each and every service. This consultation should accomplish a couple of objectives. First, it will give you a chance to evaluate your client’s starting point—where their hair is right now. Second, it will enable you to understand their goals. And, finally, it will give you the opportunity to formulate a plan to bring your client from Point A to Point B

As it relates to this article, a hair consultation will help you understand just how much depth you should work to preserve during your treatment.

2. Understand the importance of sectioning and placement.

This is perhaps an obvious statement, but it still warrants being said: How and where you place your balayage during application will determine what the end result looks like. If you can master your understanding of balayage sectioning and placement, then you can use that understanding to achieve some truly amazing results.

Halo Drop Balayage Technique -1

Halo Drop Balayage Technique - 2

Halo Drop Balayage Technique - 3

So practice your V Placements, your W Placements, your Singles, your Slants, and your Gradient Panels. Understand why you section the way you do for different kinds of services. Once you do, preserving depth will become second nature. 

3. Use the right product consistency and tools.

Technique is obviously important to success in balayage, but it is still just one part of the equation. The consistency of your product is just as critical. After all, you could be a sectioning and placement MASTER, but if your product is so loose that it doesn’t stay where you put it then none of that really matters. 

The exact product consistency that you’ll need will of course vary depending on a number of factors, particularly the specific qualities of the hair you are working with. This means you’ll need to be comfortable adjusting your consistency for each client. That being said, we find that a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 generally works pretty well for this kind of balayage.

Similarly, it’s critical that you work with the correct tools for your client’s desired goals. Your choice of brushes can have a major impact on how your product acts during the application process.

4. Let the hair process long enough.

If you don’t let the hair process for long enough, then the final result might not be as powerful or impactful as your client wanted and expected it to be. That’s why it is so crucial that you allot enough time to processing. The longer you let the product sit and process, the greater the impact will ultimately be.

5. Focus on aftercare.

Glossing your client’s hair after the initial balayage application is a great way to add in some of that luster and shine that might otherwise be lost during the treatment. Generally speaking, we see it as an essential aftercare component of any service, allowing you to add a lot more value to your services.

Similarly, it’s important that you educate your client on the proper steps that they can (and should) take at home in order to preserve their results. When should they wash their hair for the first time? What kind of shampoo and styling products should they use? When should they return for a follow up appointment or touch up? Answering these questions is a part of your job as a stylist, and something that you shouldn’t skip.

Want to learn more about preserving dimension and depth during balayage applications? Consider signing up for one of our Travel Society workshops, where you can learn some of our proprietary techniques. Focus of the workshops vary by demand, but include techniques such as Beach Bronde, Melted Magic, Halo Drop, and Beach Blonde.

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