How to get a KILLER photo for Instagram: Four Photography Tips!

Date: July 17, 2018

Educator: Jamie Sea/ @prettylittleombre

Oh, how powerful a still image can be!

If you are using Social Media to market/ promote yourself, your photos are EVERYTHING. You can be doing amazing work but if your photo has poor lighting or a cluttered background, the hair doesn't look as great.

Want some tips on how I get the perfect lighting and photos? Welp, here we go!

1.) Make It an experience for your guest! About 90% of your guests will not want to have their faces posted all over the interweb, so please RESPECT that! Once I'm done with the service and they are still in my chair this is what I say, "Your hair looks amazing! Would you mind if I snapped a few photos? I promise we won't show any face, JUST HAIR!" Get them pumped, and once you get a few snaps, show them the pictures and how perfect their new hair looks! 9 times out of 10 they will respond, " HOLY CRAP, that's MY hair???? Can you send that photo to me?" 🙌🏻📸

2.) Natural lighting: I take pictures with indirect light. It does wonders! Taking pictures of your guest in the chair usually casts poor lighting and does not reflect how the color actually looks in person.

Don't have a white wall to take pictures? Buy a backdrop or scope out a perfect place to get indirect lighting even if it's outside or down the hall!

3.) Take more than a couple pictures! Take 20! Take 50,000! Take different angles, so you have lots to choose from! Also, having more photos in your stockpile will come in handy when you need content on a rainy day!

4.) NO more EXCUSES. I hear so often that people "don't have the time" to take pictures. First off, make time! If you are trying to bring more clientele to your chair, make time!

From salon owner to salon owner, please allow time for your staff to take photos. Add 15 minutes to the appointment time! The strength of social media will bring in more clientele to your salon than ANYTHING else. So stylists and salon owners, no more excuses. Find good lighting, make it an experience for the guest, and grow your clientele in the process.

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