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TikTok Marketing For Hair Stylists: Is It Right For You?

Benefits of using tik tok for salons

Have you ever had a client ask you to try a styling technique because they “saw it on TikTok?” Social media has completely changed the way many hair salons reach their audience and even acquire new clients. While platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are ideal for sharing inspiration pics and small tips and tricks, TikTok has created a community for salon businesses to promote their work even more.

TikTok is a powerful marketing tool that uses short videos to grab the attention of a target audience. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality, as well as present your work, creative process, and client experience—and maybe even sell your products.

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But what are its benefits and how does it compare to more conventional social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook?

Benefits of Using TikTok As A Hair Stylist

There are several possible benefits of using TikTok that can help your hair salon stand out a little more!\

1. Raises brand awareness.

Stylists can effectively create a well-known brand by using social platforms like TikTok to build a fanbase. It’s difficult to “shop around” for the right salon with pictures and testimonials alone. TiKTok gives your audience small video clips that can help them better understand your brand by showing your processes, services, and overall salon experience.

2. Builds trust between the client and stylist.

By showcasing talent in short video tutorials and diving deeper into the process of various hair services, audiences are more inclined to trust the brand since they can preview the salon’s skills and results.

You can use this platform to showcase everything from application and painting, to glossing and styling. However, it’s important to remember to keep the video length short. One of the best ways to quickly showcase your work is with before and after videos. These are often the most powerful because your audience can see possible transformations in a single session/appointment.

3. Attracts new clientele.

While Instagram reels and stories are great ways to solidify your brand, their main goal is to engage with your current client-base. TikTok’s algorithm is slightly more advanced in that it can get potential followers to your page with very little work on your part.

Stylists can gain even more clients if they routinely interact with their audiences online. This sense of community is becoming more and more important to individuals looking for professionals they can trust.

4. Achieves organic results.

By promoting the salon through TikTok, there is potential to have a commanding presence online without the cost of advertising. This platform gives you the opportunity to encourage your clients to share the results of their sessions online, properly crediting and linking your account to their video. This is another easy way people can get redirected to your content—and more importantly, your company. Remember, the more people are drawn to your TikTok account, the more people will organically land on your webpage.

How To Decide Whether TikTok Is Right For Your Salon

Wondering whether TikTok is a good choice for your salon? Consider these 3 things before starting an account:

1. You like showing the process.

Only hair stylists who are willing to show techniques to online audiences will benefit from TiKTok. Even though this seems like an obvious requirement, many businesses are often caught off guard by the negative and rude comments that can pop up on social media accounts. If TikTok is a marketing strategy you want to pursue, you need to be ready to put yourself out there in a bigger way compared to other platforms.

2. You enjoy interacting online.

Tech-savvy or Internet-loving hair stylists will enjoy promoting their salon on TikTok. Creating a TikTok account might seem simple, but it’s important to be aware of the amount of effort this platform requires. While most social media platforms only require still images or small amounts of text, TikTok is for stylists interested in video content creation. Creating engaging and entertaining videos consistently is not an easy thing to do. Keep that in mind if you are considering social media as a marketing strategy.

3. You want a new kind of clientele.

Promoting your hair salon on TikTok opens the door to a different audience than other social media platforms. Gen Z and millennials are the predominant users of TikTok. Because of this, stylists who are more interested in acquiring younger or “trendier” clients should definitely consider using this platform in their marketing strategy.

TikTok is a force to be reckoned with, but that doesn’t mean you should be intimidated by it. Take a close look at your current marketing strategy and think about the ways social media could improve it to reach a wider audience. The tools are there, you just need to know how to use them!

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