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Meet the Salt Society Travel Ambassadors!

Travel Society Ambassadors

At Salt Society, we believe that creating great hair is only one small facet of your success behind the chair. In our classes, we want to encompass the whole scope of what makes a successful stylist! 

Our Society System Method provides the essential tools to help you dream big, achieve bigger, and live the career you were meant to have—because we believe you can! 

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TRAVEL SOCIETY is a new endeavor designed to enable us to bring this life-changing education to even more salon owners and stylists around the country. That’s why it is with great pleasure that we are introducing our Travel Ambassadors. 

Each of the women below has crazy work ethic, is super talented, and, most importantly, has the huge heart required to be a member of the Salt Squad!


The Salt Society Travel Ambassadors

Analise (@analiselucas)


Region: North West / Northern California

Years in the industry: 9 years

Specialty: Guest experience and Lived-in natural color with babylights and balayage

Deep down, I think I have truly always wanted to teach. I have been educating for years in salons and teams I’ve been apart of without even realizing I desired to teach. This caused me to gain a spark for sharing this craft. 

I love being an educator because I love to touch other’s lives and teach what I have learned! I love that we all have unique things to share and teach each other, and it’s an honor to be able to do that with hair education. I love to teach about products, formulas, and new techniques to help other stylists on their path, and I am also a nerd when it comes to business methods and entrepreneurship. To see someone else perk up at something you teach is the best to see!

Students who sign up for my classes can expect realness and joy, chill vibe, and lots of golden information! I love helping others and showing what has worked in my experience throughout my own career. I love to share nerdy info about hair techniques and I think that practice makes perfect—so let’s share, learn, and practice together!

Corrine (@rinniemichele)

Corrine (@rinniemichele)

Region: Northeast

Years in the industry: 9 years

Specialty: Painting, lightness and depth, and tone

Have you ever talk to someone so passionate about something they can’t shut up about it? That’s me when it comes to painting. I couldn’t help but want to share all the career-shifting information I was learning, so I started organizing classes of my own!

Beyond my initial desire to want to share and set fire to the things I’m passionate about, I live to inspire growth and betterment. By teaching new skills and techniques, I can help make stylists more confident behind the chair, and know that it will spread into other areas of their lives!

My students can expect to walk away with lots of new insight! Insight on how to physically achieve the lived-in looks your clients are asking for, and insight on your own endless potential as an artist and person. I promise to encourage, support, and help you achieve the combination of skill and self-belief you’re looking for. I whole-heartedly believe in ya!

Krystina (@krystinaindigo)

Krystina (@krystinaindigo)

Region: Mid-Atlantic/Midwest

Years in the industry: 11 years

Specialty: Painting, simplicity, and impact

In the beginning, I viewed education as my next best way to “level up” in my career. I was looking to push myself out of my comfort zone. I soon realized we are truly all students of this craft no matter our years of experience or titles we possess.

Being an educator means contributing to the growth and success in others. My true love for what I do comes when I see a student apply what they learned right away and have tremendous success with it!

My students can expect to learn a lot of salon-friendly techniques that can appeal to all guests. Whether they want their color to whisper, talk, or shout—I’ve got a trick and technique that can support the end result! Stylists will feel empowered to achieve the same results, confident in their skill set, and inspired to implement techniques that will impact their business.

Amy B (@hairbyamybee)

Amy B (@hairbyamybee)

Region: Midwest/TX

Years in the industry: 14 years

Specialty: Balayage, creating dimension with free hand painting

When I started back at work, I felt so lost. I didn’t have any idea what I was doing. I made it a priority to find any education I could, and realized that nothing beat the feeling of learning something and having that “aha” moment where I fully understood the “why” behind something. 

It built my self-confidence and, quite frankly, changed my life. I became forever grateful to the educators who helped me (and continue to help me) find my way—and I became passionate about helping others, too, and trying to spread that feeling around. I came to the realization that the best platform that I could achieve this was to become an educator myself!

Being an educator is so special because it puts you in a position to impact, empower, and change lives by helping others gain the tools they need to better themselves and their career. To be someone who gets to spend time connecting with people and helping them gain more self-confidence is one of the best feelings in the world.

My main goal is to really give people the tools they need to help gain self-confidence behind the chair. I think it’s so important to not only teach a technique, but to also explain the “why” behind it. I know what it’s like to take a class and still have tons of questions, and not feel confident enough to try what I learned on someone because I didn’t fully understand the what’s, when’s, or why’s. Which is why, as an educator, I can be a little relentless to make sure that everyone understands everything completely before I am done. They should also expect to gain an instant friend and personal cheerleader!

Paige (@polishedbypaigey)

Paige (@polishedbypaigey)

Region: South West / Southern California

Years in the industry: 10 years

Specialty: Hair coloring, painting, balayage, and customer service

I’m a third-generation hair stylist and have been working in the industry for 10 years: 3 years as a receptionist and 7 years licensed behind the chair.

I believe that education is power, and I wanted to bring that power to hair stylists in an inclusive, understanding and non competitive way. I absolutely love connecting with other passionate people in this industry. Not only do I get to meet amazing, interesting and talented people, I get to learn from them as well! 

Students attending my classes can expect a whole lot of laughter and zero percent negativity. I’m all about cultivating a learning environment where everyone feels involved, heard, seen and understood. Also I have some pretty great color formulas [that I share] if I do say so myself!

Jen (@paintedbyjen)

Jen (@paintedbyjen)

Region: Southeast 

Years in the industry: 9 years

Specialty: Color theory, customer communication, balayage

I’ve always been a sponge and want to soak up as much knowledge about something I am passionate about. By mentoring other stylists, I have learned even more than I thought possible. Having someone encourage you in an uplifting environment is not only beneficial to the person learning, but creates a positive change in them that they carry forward in their career.

Like a lot of educators, I feel intense joy when I see another stylist gain confidence in an area they felt like they needed more training on. When you really can grab their attention and give them more tools to succeed—you see it on their face and I can relate, I’ve been there!

My students can expect open, clear, and honest communication. I try to find a way to speak to everyone; by finding out where someone feels their weakness lie, I can find a way to break it down and give you the confidence and knowledge to break through that thought process. You then will excel where you might not have felt like you could before because now you know the how’s and “whys”.

Interested in Learning More About Travel Society?

We are seeking out like-minded salon owners around the country who share our passion for learning and progressing the hair industry. If this sounds like you, consider signing up to become a host salon, which can allow the Salt Squad to travel to your area!

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