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Understanding Mental Clarity and Growth For Your Salon

In the age of “self care,” salons are taking on a bigger role in their clients’ mental health. People want to look good and feel good about themselves in all aspects of their life. Salon owners experience similar struggles in self-confidence, but these fears go beyond a bad hair day.

Hair salon owners have plenty of insecurities that they have to overcome for their business to grow. These fears might concern customer loyalty, annual earnings, or even staff professional development. For salons to succeed, there needs to be mental clarity among leadership and staff alike. Without it, the level of service and overall experience offered to clientele can be negatively affected.

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Why Is Mental Clarity Important For Your Business?

Mental clarity is a state of mind that’s focused and centered. It helps people understand and organize their own thoughts around specific goals and aspirations, which is particularly important for business owners. A clearly defined business strategy, a set of professional goals, and a list of personal aspirations are all positive outcomes that result from mental clarity.

5 Ways to Grow Your Salon With Mental Clarity

1. Feel Confident in Yourself

Self-confidence is crucial for any kind of success—personal or professional. While this sentiment is simple, the process isn’t. Be patient and kind to yourself during your journey to confidence. Gaining confidence is all about becoming the person you were meant to be, so don’t let fear or doubt hold you back!

2. Have a Direction

Try to act as the compass for your team, and offer a clear direction. If this seems like an impossible task, remember that gaining mental clarity might be the missing piece in your professional tool box.

3. Set Clear Standards

“We all have something that I call a ‘life standard of expectation’” says Jamie Sea. “We have this set point of what we think our life should look like. What we should be making, what we should be looking like, and what we should be doing in our life.”

Standards are an important part of any successful business. Much like the business direction, standards are reliant on the mental clarity of both leadership and supporting staff. Just like a salon owner should effectively communicate standard practices, stylists should relay their clientele boundaries and leadership expectations.

4. Trust Yourself

Most people think of trust in regards to the relationship between leadership and their staff, or even the trust between stylists and their clients, but the connection most overlooked is the one with ourselves. Many salons experience downturns, or even failure, because there is a lack of self-trust.

Jamie Sea suggests that many “don't trust [themselves], or feel safe making decisions because the person [they’re] coming home to—the person that's supposed to be picking you back up if you inevitably fall—[they] don't feel safe with. There’s criticism knocking on every single door if you don't do something right.”

Gaining mental clarity can only help those with trust issues become more aware of the feelings holding them back from their success.

5. Encourage Creativity

Creativity is crucial to any successful business. It leads to innovation, dynamic changes, and a fun work environment. However, some salon owners might be scared by the prospect of creativity because it opens up the unknown.

“The reason why we feel fear so deeply is because we're attaching a story. We're attaching this narrative,” says Jamie Sea in her podcast episode “How to Overcome Fear and Find More Joy.” “This, what if. . . . We're living in the future and we're not in the present moment.”

Don’t let this negative narrative stop you from embracing the possibilities that come with a growing business. Instead, consider: What if everything works out? What if you’re incredibly successful?

Start Growing Your Salon Business

While there is no right and wrong way to grow your salon business, it’s important to understand the inevitable hardships of change and evolution.

“Growth and comfort do not live together. When you are expanding, when you're stepping outside that comfort zone, it's stretching you. It's asking you to show parts of yourself that you've never seen before.”

With mental clarity, you can build a thriving business with loyal employees, satisfied customers, and personal joy that outweighs any sense of fear or doubt along the way.

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