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How to Begin Your Personal Development Journey as a Salon Owner

Beginning personal development journey for your salon

Running a salon business can be a daunting task, especially if you try to go it alone. Many independent stylists and salon owners are feeling burnout from the constant demands of client communications, bookings, and marketing. As Jamie Sea, owner and founder of SALT Society hair salon, puts it, “there’s nothing worse than loving your job, but feeling hella overwhelmed with everything you have to do.”

To avoid feeling stuck in the vortex of constant text messages, emails, and DMs, salon owners need to consider focusing on personal development to better understand their personal and professional needs. This is largely because “any type of growth in your business truly is a representation of the growth inside you,” says Sea.

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If you’re interested in learning how this personal development journey can benefit your business, here’s an overview of why this process is hard, the various things you need to consider, and why it’s incredibly important to your business success.

Why Personal Development is So Hard

Personal development isn’t an easy feat. While the benefits are endless, there are several roadblocks that prevent all salon owners from unlocking their full potential. In the Hair Goals podcast episode “How to Make Change Feel Less Scary With These Mindset Tricks,” Sea notes that the most common concerns salon owners have revolve around feeling either overwhelmed or uninspired in their business. Both are fueled by the same thing: fear.

Overcoming fear isn’t easy, but it’s essential to any personal development journey. If you hope to have a successful personal and professional life, you’ll need to address these fears and understand that there’s a solution to whatever you’re afraid of. These fears may revolve around things such as finances, lack of business expertise, or even a small client-base. Don’t let these concerns bog down your vision! “I think where we end up going wrong is we try to think about the whole scope of what we want to achieve versus where we are now,” says Sea.

If you want to overcome a fear of failure and start a successful personal development journey for your salon’s success, there are several things to keep in mind.

3 Things You Need to Understand Before Starting Your Personal Development Journey

Personal development is very closely intertwined with scaling your business. By getting in touch with your personal needs and goals, you’re setting the stage to enable and support the growth of your company.

Still skeptical? Here are three things that can aid in both personal and professional development.

Auditing Energy

An audit can reveal how well you are managing your own energy. Understanding energy deficits and surpluses can be an excellent first step in more skillfully managing your emotional and mental health. According to Sea, in the Hair Goals podcast episode “This is How You Scale Your Business,” it’s best to approach this audit by asking yourself “What is working in your business, and what is going against your business’s values?”

In simpler terms, Sea refers to this as lightening vs. draining energy. While the aspects of your business that lighten you up are important to enhance and amplify, the draining aspects are an excellent indicator of what may need to change—both personally and professionally. The places where your energy is leaking are possible aspects of the business that may need to be delegated or automated, but this is easier said than done.

Identifying Attachments and Assumptions

If you’re a salon owner who feels absolutely drained with the amount of daily tasks that require your attention, delegation and automation are crucial. This might seem like an obvious solution, but many owners need to come to the realization that even with the support of their team, they may not be delegating effectively.

The root cause of this problem is the attachments and assumptions many salon owners place on a variety of their responsibilities. They may fear financial repercussions, or even a drop in quality of work. However, not leveraging people and systems can create owner burnout and prevent team members from achieving their own professional goals of excelling at their craft.

These lack of boundaries often leave independent salon owners feeling resentful about their work taking up their personal time. If you feel this shift, try to combat these preconceived attachments and assumptions to more effectively delegate and give up control. Whether it’s a lack of money, expertise, or personnel, try to ask for support from others to aid in finding innovative solutions to your challenges.

Understanding Motivations

Sea encourages all salon professionals to ask the same question when growing in their personal and professional life: “What do you want your life to look like?” This question is incredibly important because it identifies the motivations behind both your business and your personal development. If these motivations don’t align with the trajectory of your salon, you’re prone to burnout and disappointment.

“You want a sustainable business strategy,” says Sea. While being overwhelmed is a reality of any small business, it isn’t sustainable. Most of the time this comes down to gut instinct. Even Sea admits that her initial journey to becoming a small business owner didn’t come easily. “I was feeling overwhelmed and even though I didn’t fully understand it then, I knew what I was doing wasn’t sustainable.” As a result, she had to take a close look at her personal and professional motivations to see what areas needed the most support.

Personal Development is Business Development

Personal development isn’t a linear, independent process. It focuses on creating systems and strategies that support your energy and motivations.

“Mindset is the most important thing to understand in business,” says Sea. The personal development journey relies on a growth mindset that hopes to create an efficient and sustainable business. In other words, you can’t scale your business without scaling yourself.

If you’re looking to make some changes in your personal and professional life, reach out to various communities of like-minded leaders to see what possible solutions and support they can offer. SALT Society is a wonderful, inclusive community that lives and breathes everything beauty business. Check out our community to see how we can help you succeed!

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