Redken Colorgels and Shades EQ Color Theory Breakdown

IT’S TIME!  Redken Colorgels and Shades EQ color theory breakdown

Todays series: P (pearl)SERIES

P= grey base + blue/violet

Grey base= lighter shade of black which is a blue base


Violet= red +blue

P series is 3 cools to 1 warm

What it’s amazing for- producing iridescent cool blondes

CAUTION: If you have a 9 yellow and you put straight up 9p, you will get green. Blue +yellow = green. To avoid this, add violet (9v) to your formula. This will cancel the yellow and allow for you to have a beautiful result.

Keep in mind the P series is primarily blue based. Blue is a dominant pigment and to avoid this going too dark, add 1oz of clear (clear dilutes the intensity of depth) to your 1oz of pigment +2oz of developer and it will be a level 10.

7p is amazing at cancelling out brassy pigments that live in a level 6/7 . Remember, blue cancels out orange!

For deeper orange pigments that live in a level 5 and under, the NA series is your go to for neutralizing!

Do you ever feel stuck on what to formulate for your glosses? We got you!



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