Root Smudging 101: 5 Hot Tips and Reasons Behind The Technique

November 2, 2018

Root smudging has taken over the hair world! Here is why. Ever since balayage has swept the color industry by storm, there have been so many free hand and foiling techniques that have surfaced.

The reason root smudging is used, is to buffer out lines of demarcation to reflect depth in the root area. There are so many variations of this technique but when executed correctly, it has the most stunning result!

Here are some HOT tips on root smudging.

1.) Use a demi permanent. This will allow for less hard lines.

2.) Smudge on damp hair. This will allow for even porosity and easy product distribution.

3.) Use a wide tooth comb. If you use a comb with finer teeth, it will drag the product down too far and cause splotchiness.

4.) How long should you let this process for? If using @redken SEQ, every minute processed= one wash. For better longevity, let that shit sit! (Max time= 20 minutes).

5.) Charge accordingly. This is a luxury color service, your time, and artistry! My suggestion is to charge half of what your full root retouch price is. For example, if your root retouch price is 100.00, charge 50+ for the root smudge.


For more tips and tricks on this topic, check out our SPOTLIGHT Series artist Elizabeth Faye's "Foil Conversion & Wet Balayage Made Easy" tutorial!


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