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The Future of the Salon Industry: 6 Trends to Watch

Salon Industry Trends

When considering the future of the salon industry, it can be easy to feel uncertain about its growth. Outside factors such as the global pandemic, an unstable economy, and shifting consumer habits have prompted salons to look for new ways to ensure long-term success.

Luckily, there are several industry trends that can help salons like yours achieve growth in the coming year.

Top 6 Trends in the Salon Industry Today

There are a number of industry trends that salon owners should look out for in the coming year, but here’s an overview of the top six that can contribute to your long-term business success.

1. Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Social media marketing has continued to be a growing trend over the past few years. Social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest give salon owners and stylists platforms to promote their services and products; while video-based channels like Tik Tok and YouTube offer a more personal look into the salon industry as a whole.

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Social channels will only grow in importance in the coming years as the recent rise in beauty influencers and influencer marketing continues to climb. The brand awareness, customer loyalty, and large-scale draw social media produces is not only effective in producing results, it’s also a more cost effective option. In fact, stylists and salon owners are able to acquire new clients from social media at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.

Whether you’re a salon owner or an independent stylist, it’s important to create accounts in some, if not all, of these platforms to stay competitive in the salon industry.

2. Automation

There are a number of technology trends that will continue to shape the salon industry in the coming years. Automation in both administrative processes and client-salon communication are common in today’s salon business operations. This trend especially makes sense when considering how vital communication is to a client’s overall salon experience.

Salon management software is one of the many automation tools that’s been growing in popularity. This software facilitates online booking, payment capturing, and repetitive client communications such as:

  • Appointment confirmation
  • Cancellation policy
  • Pre-consultation correspondence

While these automation systems ensure efficiency and consistency, many salon owners are also implementing these technologies to improve work-life balance.

Automation comes in many forms. If salon management software is too expensive, consider templatizing your client communications and delegating administrative tasks to others if possible.

3. Sustainability

While historically, the beauty industry hasn’t been linked to organic or natural products, the recent surge of consumers making purchases based on sustainability has sparked a new trend in hair salons. Despite salons still using various chemicals in permanent hair dye and straightening methods, more businesses are starting to offer and promote eco-friendly products to accommodate this recent shift in preferences.

This trend can be concerning to many salons that have established relationships with product lines or retail companies, but offers a unique opportunity to those willing to make the shift. Since many non-toxic products are sold at premium prices for their sustainability benefits, many salons experience improvements in their long-term revenue that make up for these increases in cost.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve in the hair care industry, consider researching eco-friendly products and brands to implement in your salon.

4. Services Expansion

For decades, salons have slowly expanded the kinds of services they offer. Today, in addition to hair cutting and coloring services, many clients are looking for salons that offer specialized services such as keratin repair, hair extensions, and deep conditioning treatments. In many ways, this recent trend is a result of customers wanting a one-stop-shop when it comes to their beauty needs.

Salon owners should consider creating a convenient experience for clients, ensuring a large amount of services are offered to those who want them. This can increase revenue long-term, as well as create brand loyalty for existing customers.

5. Retail Focus

As a result of social media, and the growing negative press surrounding non-salon quality products, more consumers are becoming educated in their everyday hair care. Therefore, hair salon retail is anticipated to thrive in the coming year. To ensure your salon benefits from this consumer trend, consider implementing more consultation elements to the salon experience.

Stylists should take the opportunity at every appointment to talk through client hair concerns, goals, and preferences to make the best possible recommendations. More often than not, clients will be interested in these products if they feel the products are personalized to their wants and needs.

6. Content Overload

With the rise in social media marketing, there has been a very noticeable shift in the amount of content stylists and salon owners are expected to produce. In many ways, stylists are expected to post images of their work, produce written educational content for post-appointment hair care, and record video content to attract a younger audience of consumers.

Salons that have a larger staff should consider transferring some of these responsibilities to an administrative assistant or office manager. For salons that operate on a much smaller scale, leveraging quality versus quantity in content can yield positive results.

How to Stay On Top of Salon Industry Trends

While these trends offer a blueprint to the future of the salon industry, it’s up to salon owners and stylists to use the right tools. Not sure where to start? Social media is a common thread in many of these industry trends.

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Salt Society is here to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Join our community to learn more about new industry trends, techniques, and methods to help your business thrive for years to come.

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