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An Introduction to the SALT Society Community

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When we launched SALT Society, it was out of a desire to create a positive, uplifting community where stylists from all walks of life and backgrounds and skill levels could come together to grow not only their skills, but also their confidence behind the chair. That mission has been a driving force in every single product that we’ve created, from our online tutorials to our live workshops to our Membership, and everything in between. 

And now, that mission can be seen directly reflected in the launch of the SALT Society Community, a Facebook group available to anyone with a passion for hair!

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We want you all to know that, first and foremost, this community is about you. We want to make sure that you feel supported by our team and that you see real value out of engaging with us, so we’re always there to provide content, answer your questions, interact with you in other ways, and simply make you feel like a part of our family. Because that’s what this is all about!

So without further ado, below are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the SALT Society Community.

What exactly is the SALT Society Facebook Community?

The SALT Society Community is a private Facebook page that we’ve launched that’s  designed to achieve a number of really important initiatives:

  • First, it’s an open forum where we encourage community members to interact with one another, as well as our team, to build trusting and long-lasting relationships. We want each member to feel appreciated, heard, and supported.
  • Second, it’s a space where we’ll curate valuable content that you can use to develop personally and professionally, whether you’re a stylist, a salon owner, or somewhere in between.
  • Finally, it’s a place where we’ll highlight a new member of our internal team each week, whether from our admin or stylist team, to showcase a tidbit of helpful information.

Who’s involved?

Every week, we’ll be highlighting a new educator from either our stylist or administrative team. But in addition to them, the Community will be consistently attended to by Jamie Sea, Evan Maguire, and Emily Aston. They each introduce themselves below!

Jamie Sea

Hi friends! My name is Jamie Sea aka @prettylittleombre and I am the owner of Salt Hair + Apothecary, and Salt Society Edu! My passion is empowering hairstylists and small biz owners to unlock their potential, and to craft their career into a purpose driven journey!

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Evan Maguire

Hey, I’m Evan, and I’m SALT’s graphic designer! While I don’t do hair, I do love being creative and telling our brand's story in a visual way!

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Emily Aston

Hi, I'm Emily and I help to coordinate content across our social platforms! I'm so excited to watch this community grow!

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What kind of content is shared in the Community?

All of the content that we’ll share is designed to help you learn and grow. As such, everything we share will be tied back to one of our three main educational pillars:

  • Personal Development: Are you struggling with burnout and poor work-life balance?  Have you begun to lose passion for the job that you love? Are you lacking the confidence and motivation that you know will empower you to be a better stylist? This content will help you answer these challenging questions so you can reclaim your love of the industry!
  • Professional Development: From balayage to foilyage to color theory and everything in between, this content is designed to answer all of your questions about different hair techniques to help you improve your technical skills.
  • Business Development: Are you responsible for managing a salon? Are you considering opening a salon of your own? This content is designed to teach you everything you need to know about starting and managing a salon.

Exactly what form this content takes will vary from week to week and from topic to topic, but it’ll include everything from blog posts to videos to exclusive downloads and more!

How often will new content be added?

Every single week! But even between content updates, we encourage Community members to talk to each other (and us) and build real, meaningful relationships!

Who is the Community for?

Really, the Community is for anyone who would find information about personal, professional, and business development helpful. If you’re an existing member, then you already have access; otherwise, all you need is to be invited by either an existing member or one of the admins.

Want more great content that will help you develop in your personal, professional, and business life? Click the button below to check out the SALT Society Facebook Community!

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