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7 Great Tips for a Successful Client Consultation

Date: June 5, 2018
Educators: Jamie Sea [@prettylittleombre] & Studio Director - Ashley Smith


Consultations are one of the biggest components to a successful client/ stylist relationship!

Here are some consultation tips from our SALT SOCIETY babes!

1. Face to face consulting- We suggest having a stool or chair nearby and sitting next to your guests and consulting this way. This allows for a better connection with a guest instead of consulting while standing behind them and looking at them through the mirror.

2. Use the clients name when you are speaking with them! It makes the appointment more personal.

3. Here are some questions you can ask during the consultation process-

  • What do you currently love about your hair?
  • What do you currently dislike about your hair?
  • Is there a hair style or hair color that you have had that you didnt feel confident with?

4. Repeating back what the guest is asking for will ensure they know you are listening to them!

5. Showing photos! This helps to make sure that the guest and yourself see colors the same way. Also, this helps the guest visually conceptualize the goals that are being set for them instead of used “salon lingo” they may not understand.

6. BE HONEST! If someone comes in with an unrealistic photo, or photo that doesn't work well with their lifestyle or  complexion, come up with alternatives that are better suited for them or let them know how many sessions it could take to get them there.

7. Always lead with excitement!  Your energy and excitement will exude confidence. This will allow for your guest to feel that they are in the best of hands!

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