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4 Real Reason Behind Hard Lines in Balayage

Date: June 22, 2018
Educator: Jamie Sea / @prettylittleombre


You apply your balayage, process, gloss, and all looks well until.. you blow dry. What are these hard horizontal lines in my guest's hair?! (enter freak out mode here)

Here's why that happens:

1.) Your sections are too thick. Avoid full saturation on sections that are too thick! This will cause harsh lines in your final result.

2.) Not checking underneath your painted section. Make it a habit to always look underneath your panel to ensure the blur is there!

3.) Your transition area isn't big enough. When creating a gradient blur, you need a small softening of product in the transition area. Otherwise you will have a hard line on the surface of your balayage.

4.) GLIDE AND SLIDE. This is my trick I use to always avoid hard lines in my balayage applications. Use less pressure than you think and continually glide your balayage board or glove at the same time! BOOM! No lines.

Want more information of saturation? Check out our "Heavy Balayage" Tutorial!

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