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Transition Area: 4 Gradient Highlight Application Tips

October 19th, 2018

This ladies and gentlemen is the transition area. One of the most important elements to your application if you want GRADIENT highlights.

1.) Your transition area should only be about 1.25” in length to avoid a warm band.

2.) Lighten up your brush work. This is a HUGE factor in the success of your application!

3.) Work from zone 2 first and then upward to zone 1 so you avoid having too much saturation in the transition area.

4.) KEEP PRACTICING! There are tons of factors in balayage and if you try to attempt them all at once, you may feel overwhelmed. Take it once step at a time. Find what tools work best for you, lighteners, combs, body position, etc. Keep educating yourself and you will find your own authentic painting rhythm!


For more visuals - check out all the balayage tutorials we have to offer!


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