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The Top 3 Melting Tips for a Seamless Balayage!

Date: June 5, 2018
Educator: Mish Jolie / @meltedbymish


Here are some TOP MELTING MISTAKES TO AVOID by @meltedbymish! Mish shares secrets on how to blend out old foil lines seamlessly and create the foundation for a perfect blend.


Make sure all that work is paying off! There’s nothing worse than not seeing enough blend or coverage after melting someone. The tone you choose should be deep enough to melt the natural root into the highlights. I like to choose one to two shades darker than the natural.


Smudging is a teeny blend at the roots to diminish foil lines. Melting is a reverse BALAYAGE; creating the depth at the root, and adding dimension. If you’re not bringing the melt far enough down to create a halo of depth, you’re just smudging.


Using a tool to melt that doesn’t drag color in a line is super important! You need to use a tool that creates a seamless transition. Find what works best for you! I love the @wowcomb and detangling brushes such as @thewetbrush.

Want more melting tips? Check out our “Beat The Blorange” online Tutorial!



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