4 Toning and Glossing Tips that will enhance your Hair Painting

Date: July 31st, 2018

Educator: Jamie Sea/ @prettylittleombre

Below are some tips to keep in mind while toning/glossing and styling.

1.TONE/GLOSS on damp hair: it helps equalize porosity! You can always spray extra porosity equalizer to be extra safe (I use kenra). Make sure hair is towel dried not soaking wet or it dilute the product.

2.HAIR CUTICLE: Every canvas you work on will be different. Thicker coarse hair has more cuticle layers and can be more resistant to your product.

3.NOT LIGHT ENOUGH: For example, if you are trying to get your level 5 client to a bright pale level 9 highlight, you need to lift to at least 9/10. If you only lift to a level 8, the primary pigments still left are yellow/orange. Under lifting the hair will not allow for you to have the true brightness or tone you are desiring for the end goal.

4.NO AFTER CARE: The biggest mistake I see people make is not PH balancing after glossing and then  Formulation, toning, blonding, intensive color theory, and so much more!using a high alkaline styling product like hairspray. Then not waiting adequate time before shampooing and THEN... CRAPPY at home shampoos. No wonder your color is fading!

Want to know more about on this subject? Check our our SALT Lab tutorial where our educators talk about everything from Formulation, toning, blonding, intensive color theory, and so much more!

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