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3 Toning Mistakes & Solutions for Hair Painting Skills

Date: July 24th, 2018

Educator: Jamie Sea/ @prettylittleombre

I’m going to share a few toning mistakes and solutions to help you feel more confident when toning or glossing.

1.) Pulling unwanted tones on more fragile blonde pieces-- ever have a client turn green, purple or blue but only on some pieces? Always be sure to even out the porosity! Spray porosity equalizer prior to toning/glossing to ensure an even canvas.

2.) Formulating-- If you feeling like you have to rinse your gloss off too soon because it's pulling unwanted pigments, we need to check your gloss formula! Make sure you have enough neutral in your formula and that you're not formulating your gloss too dark for your canvas.

3.) Pulling too dark-- here's a great tip from SALT BAE @painthatmane herself! Looking to keep your blonde bright but just cancel out unwanted pigments? When glossing with a demi- permanent, try boosting your developer from a 6vol to either 10 or 20vol for less depth deposit. This will ensure you get the tonal shift you need while keeping those blondes bright! Make sure your demi- permanent line is ammonia free so you don't affect the natural level the of hair.

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