6 Toning Tips to help with your color correction!

Date: June 12, 2018
Educator: Christine Turek / @painthatmane


Correct toning is an essential part to your color applications! Here are some tips from Salt Society’s color theory pro, @painthatmane!

  1. One of the biggest tips is correctly understanding what level you have lifted to so you can diagnose the toner/gloss level.
  2. Whatever level and tone you have lifted to is 50% of your formula.
  3. Don’t confuse yellow with gold. Gold has orange pigments living within it and will need a formula that neutralizes correctly. Gold lives in levels 6-8. A true yellow pigment does not appear until lifted to a level 9.
  4. To be able to shift/neutralize tones properly, make sure you are toning/glossing at the same level or one below.
  5. In levels 8-10, make sure there is enough warmth in your formula so you can have enough light reflection and brightness.
  6. When using redken shades EQ, you can always add clear to your formula to control the tone and depth.

Want more color theory and toning tips? Check out our “SALT Lab” tutorial now!


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