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What are Babylights?: Everything Stylists Need to Know

As every stylist knows, the hair industry is always changing and evolving. All it takes is one celebrity rocking a certain style or a certain technique, and suddenly it’s everywhere. Clients and guests want it, and stylists want to do it.

Case-in-point: Babylights. They exploded onto the scene a few years ago, and the industry hasn’t looked back.

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If you’re unfamiliar with babylights but notice a lot more clients coming in and asking for you to perform the technique, you’re probably trying to figure out what exactly the term means so that you can begin offering it as a service in your salon. Here, we explore everything you need to know.


What are Babylights?

Babylights are carefully placed, delicate highlights used to create a gorgeous, sun-kissed effect on your client's hair.

They’re achieved by applying lightener to extremely fine sections of hair throughout the head. The end result is a subtle, yet dimensional look, reminiscent of the natural highlights you might have had as a child after long summer days spent playing in the sun.

The application process for babylights is similar to traditional highlights, with the main difference being the amount of hair in each foil, as well as the separation between foils. Small pieces of hair are lightened with only slight separation between foils to ensure that the highlights blend smoothly with the base color.


Babylights can be used in combination with other coloring techniques depending on the exact desired look your client is going for. For example, stylists will often incorporate babylights into a normal balayage service to add subtle dimension to the part and hairline.

Who are Babylights For?

The beauty of babylights is that they can be applied to any hair color and type. As a stylist, you’ll be able to help the client choose the right shade to match their individual skin tone and achieve the best overall look. The sky really is the limit with this technique, since it works with any length as well!

Babylights can be a good fit for clients or guests who just want to dip their toes into the world of hair coloring, as they are a perfect way to accent the natural hair color without changing it too drastically. Since the highlights are super fine, the style becomes softer and more subtle as it grows out over time, without a heavy line of demarcation. This fact also makes babylights perfect for clients who are after a low-maintenance look.

Clients who are transitioning from a previous, more dramatic hair coloring can also benefit from babylights. The process can be used to create a smoother transition from the base color at the root into the existing color by softening any harsh lines and blending the colors together in a natural looking way. So, if for example your client isn’t feeling her ombre anymore, babylights can help her transition into an all-over color.

While babylights work on all hair types, it can work particularly well on clients with fine hair. Since in these cases it’s incredibly important not to overpower the hair with strong or chunky highlights, babylights can add depth and dimension to the hair in a natural looking way.

What to Consider

There is one thing to be wary of when considering whether or not to use a babylight technique on a client: The time it will take to complete the look. While sectioning the hair into teeny tiny pieces is well worth the final payoff of a great look, it means that this service can be very time-consuming. You’ll want to make sure your client knows this before she sits down in your chair.


On the same note, you should make sure that your pricing accounts for the amount of time that you’ll be devoting to the client for a babylight service. Time is money, after all, and you should never be afraid charging what you're worth!

Oh baby, light me up!

Now that you have a better idea of what babylights are, you don’t need to stress the next time a client comes in asking for the service. It’s a fairly simple technique with stunning results and it can be used on almost anyone. With a little bit of practice, you can be a babylight pro in no time.

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